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Action Bathing (also called combat or fighting) is when a character is attacked while taking a Bath or a Shower and they are forced to fight in some way. This may involve them having to pull a Weapon out or it can result in them trying to be Drowned in their bath water.

List of Action Bathing ScenesEdit

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
November 26th, 1986 "Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Dirty Pair Project Eden 59
After Yuri and Kei's Bubble Baths were interrupted by the intrusion by Carson D. Carson, They end up battling and escaping a bunch of alien creatures wearing only Towels. During the battle, Yuri ends up holding onto a pipe that ends up breaking causing her to land back into one of the bathtubs. She ends up quickly escaping the bathtub as an alien comes at her.
February 25th, 1990 "Devilman OVA episode 2
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October 15th, 1993 "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam episode 29"
Victory Gundam 29 23
Lupe Cineau trys to interrogate Uso Ewin by getting into a Bubble Bath with him and attempting to drown him. Uso fights back and grabs Lupe's breasts and the two began to wrestle each other in the bathtub.
December 13th, 1996 "Adventures of Kotetsu episode 1"
Adventures of Kotetsu 1 21
Kotetsu is relaxing in a bath when an imposter Miho Kuon comes in for some Bath Bonding. Once the fake Miho gets into the tub with Kotetsu, she forces Kotetsu's head under the water and attempts to drown her but it fails.
May 15th, 1998 "Cowboy Bebop episode 11"
Cowboy Bebop 11 10
Faye Valentine gets attacked by the fridge monster while taking a Bubble Bath in the Slipper Bathtub aboard the Bebop. The attack it self is Off Screen though you see Faye in the bath reading a Book just as the monster slips into the bathroom through the vent right before it bites her on her leg which was dangling out of the bathtub. When she comes out in a Bathrobe to tell Spike Spiegel you see the purple infection from the bite on her leg as she faints.
December 18th, 1998 "Agent Aika episode 6"
Agent Aika 6 9
After Aika Sumeragi and Rie Petoriyacowa have an Off Screen Bath at a Public Bath facility, Black Delmo's attack Aika in the locker room when she was getting changed. A brown haired Black Delmo is kicked out of the locker room and into the Bath clothed. When she tries to get back up, Aika who was fighting other Black Delmos as well charges and kicks her back into the bathwater.
Unknown Date, 1998 "Bambi and Her Pink Gun chapter 3"
Bambi and Her Pink Gun v01 069
After Pampi finished taking a Bubble Bath with Bambi, Bambi still stayed in the tub to clean up. Pampi was kidnapped by someone while another guy tried to pull a gun on Bambi who was still in the bathtub. The man slips on some Shampoo that Bambi poured on the floor and Bambi stabs him with a piece of the Bathroom mirror that she breaks off.
Unknown Date, 2000 "Love Hina episode 25"
Love Hina 25 13
Motoko Aoyama ends up having her bath in a Hot Spring with Keitaro Urashima interrupted by Tsuruko Aoyama who ends up having a Sword battle each other. Motoko who has her towel on ends up losing to Tsuruko who is only in a small robe and panties. The fight caused because of Tsuruko finding out that Motoko was lying to her about marrying Keitaro from listening to their conversation.
August 3rd, 2001 "Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection"
Lupin III Alcatraz Connection 16
While Fujiko Mine is having a Bubble Bath, she is threatened with an attempt to drop a radio into her bath while she is in it. After the tub starts draining, the radio is dropped in but Fujiko grabs a hold of a chandelier on the ceiling while covering her breasts and defenseless as a gun gets pointed at her.
May 2nd, 2002 "Gun Frontier episode 6"
Gun Frontier 6 5
While Shinunora is taking a Bath outside in a Washtub, she is kidnapped.
October 21st, 2004 "Grenadier episode 2"
During Rushuna Tendo's Medicinal Bath that she was being given by Koto because of her injuries, Kaizan Doushi crashes through the roof and starts attacking Rushuna. Rushuna uses a Towel to whip her gun over to her and starts fighting him off and dodging his bullets.
January 6th, 2005 "Grenadier episode 11"
Grenadier 11 4
Rushuna Tendo attacks one of Tenshi's guards with a Scrub Brush by outsmarting him by seductively offering him to join her in the Bubble Bath she was taking in the golden Clawfoot Bathtub in a guest room.
March 10th, 2005 "Girls Bravo episode 18"
Girls Bravo 18 3
On a TV the characters are watching, an animated parody of Nightmare on Elm Street is being shown on the part of Nancy Thompson's inconic Bubble Bath scene is shown of a claw coming out of the bathwater. Unlike the original movie where Freddy Krueger drags her down and tries to drown her, this version Freddy rises up from the bathwater and openly tries to attack her. The ending result of the situation in this version is not revealed to the audience since Tomoka Lana Jude comes up and blocks the view of the TV from the audience and the characters.
February 3rd, 2008 "One Piece episode 341"
One Piece 341 20
While sitting in the bathtub in Dr. Hogback's mansion, Nami is pulled out of the tub and pushed against a wall by Absalom who is invisible.
July 9th, 2008 "Sekirei episode 2"
During a Furo session, Musubi begins to playfully fight against Uzume when she finds out that she is a Sekirei as well. Uzume who doesn't want to fight dodges all of Musubi's attacks and puts a Towel on and flees the bathroom. Musubi follows after and trys to take the fight outside but the landlord Miya Asama interrupts and tells them to stop fighting each other and that they can't walk around outside in only towels.
November 24th, 2008 "Yatterman (2008) episode 26"
Yatterman 2008 26 6
Doronjo, Majo and Astasha are shown taking a Bubble Bath together in a Clawfoot Bathtub where they begin to fight with each other. They all eventually fall face first into the water with only their legs sticking out.
October 25th, 2009 "Aika Zero episode 2"
In a Shower Room at a girls academy, 8 unnamed females who are having Showers, get attacked and knocked out by a laser-like thread created E.T.A.I. which proped them all in the rear end.
March 23rd, 2012 "Palutena's Revolting Dinner episode 2"
Palutena's Revolting Dinner 2 6
While Palutena is relaxing in a Bath in a Bathing Pool, a one-eyed living carrot walks out of Palutena's hologram ball that was used to contact pit and chucks a Shampoo bottle that was in the bathroom at Palutena and then runs off.

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