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Gender Female
Series Emma
Taken 1 Bath
Bathed In Washtub
Situations Stripping
Bath Bonding
Arm Resting
Leg Crossing

Adele is a character from Emma. Being a maid in the 1800s, she bathes by taking Baths in a Washtub thats bathwater is shared by the other maids from taking turns.

Emma (manga)

Chapter 50

Main article: Emma chapter 50

She is seen Stripping to get ready for a Bath in the Washtub that Maria was currently bathing in. After she was completely disrobed Adele tells Maria to get out because its her turn but Maria playfully says "Get in with me" but Adele declines and says that there's not enough space and that she should have bathed last if she wanted to take long. Adele quickly drops into the tub and rests both of her arms on the sides while crossing her legs. As Adele lounges in the bath and occasionally seen rubbing her wet hair, she converses with Maria who is outside the tub drying off her naked body. As the next maid comes in and starts stripping for her turn to get in the bath, Adele is seen getting out of the tub.


  • Among the maid characters in the series, Adele has the most bathing screen time in the manga.

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