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Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise developed by Sega's Sonic Team. The series has been through many adaptations through comics and cartoons such as the anime series Sonic X based on the Sonic Adventure game series.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

ran September 6 to December 3 in 1993

Episode 40

aired 8 October 1993

In "Zoobotnik", at 4m25s Ivo Robotnik has a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub. At Dr. Robotnik's Lair, Coconuts interrupts Robotnik's bath with the news about Katella the huntress.

Robotnik: You lame-brained knuckle-dragging dolt! How dare you interrupt me when I'm having a bath with my rubber crocodile!
Coconuts: Oh, but I only wanted to tell you I saw one of those F.O.U.s! I mean, C.I.A.s! Uh, C.O.D.s? I mean--
Robotnik: Get to the point, or your name will be M-U-D!

Episode 51

aired 29 October 1993

In "Prehistoric Sonic" Grounder says "I always hear that volcanic mud baths are good for your skin."

Egmont Fleetway

Sonic the Comic

Issue 29

8 July 1994

In "Pirate S.T.C., Part 2" Bob, Grrr and Dog arrive in a world of happy bunnies (and a round, brown hedgehog) that turn into bubble bath containers when struck, only to be drunk by the giant Granee 8 Ball.

Issue 30

22 July 1994

In "Pirate S.T.C., Part 3" in Game 1: Granee 8 Ball drinks some of the forest critters that have turned into bubble bath, then starts spitting out 8-balls, striking yet more forest critters to turn them into bubble bath. Bob, Grrr and Dog (the chicken) catch these flying 8-balls, earning points. Then Bob and one of the creatures, a brown hedgehog, defeat Granee by squirting her with bubble bath and knocking her out on a giant egg.

Issue 120

13 January 1998

In the "Sonic's World" in "Breakout, Part 1" (starring Amy and Tekno) Shortfuse the Cybernik is given a gift from the alien Amber which allows him to exit his armor, something he hasn't been able to do in 2 years. Shorty says that now he's out of the armour he just wants to party, but Tekno the Canary suggests a bath first.

Issue 125

24 March 1998

In the story "Green Envy" (starring Amy and Tekno) the Emerald Hill Zone is holding Enviro-Fete '98, an exhibition of new inventions that are friendly to the environment. Officials arrive to judge the event. Roger Bodge presents a self-warming bath, allowing people to use the same bath water every day (and making the judges quite ill).

Amy Rose fires a crossbow bolt into Tyson Dense's machine's one weak spot, blowing it up and sending Tyson flying into Roger Bodge's tub of mouldy green bathwater.

Knuckles' Chaotix

released March 1995

According to the Japanese booklet, Mighty the Armadillo enjoys forest bathing

Sonic Adventure

released 23 December 1998

An area in the stage "Casinopolis," called "the shower room." Sonic will wash his quills upon standing under any of the shower stalls in the room.

Archie Comics

Knuckles the Echidna (comic)

Issue 29

August 1999

Sonic's love interest Sally Acorn is shown taking a bath to rinse off chemicals which changed her fur color. This occurs during a Flashback Bathing Scene to explain a palette change.

Sonic Underground

Episode 1

aired 5 September 1999

In "Beginnings", Sonic's adopted parents try to make him bathe. Watchable here. He agrees and is implied to do some Off Screen Bathing, it cuts ahead to when his house is attacked.


Father: Come on, Sonic! Bath time!
Sonic: No bath! No bath!
Father: Sonic Hedgehog, I thought I said no revvin' in the house!
Sonic: Rev yes, bath no!
Father: Well then, I guess I'll just have to eat all those chili dogs by myself.
Sonic: Rub and scrub time!

Episode 12

Aired September 9th, 1999

In "The Last Resort", Sonia the Hedgehog has a Bubble Bath scene. Watchable here.

Episode 22

aired 15 February 2000

In "Three Hedgehogs and a Baby" bathing is referenced in the song "Being a Kid Is Cool" in the lines:

A bubbly bubble bath
Washes off the day’s dirt

While this is said, an image of a Bubble Bath is shown in the background. Visible here.

Sonic X (anime)

Episode 55

24 September 2005

Episode 57

8 October 2005

Rouge the Bat takes a Bubble Bath

Episode 68

18 February 2006

Rouge bathes again.

Sonic Unleashed

released 18 November 2008

The directory for Sarianna (wife of Jari-Thure) mentions "she thinks of him all the time. Why, just the other day, she noticed him shivering, so she went and heated his bath water all the way up to 140 degrees"

Sonic Lost World

released 18 October 2013

Breaking the 4th wall, in the cutscene preceding Zazz' second fight, Zazz looks at the player in shock after Sonic insults him for "needing a bath". At the same time, Sonic also glances at the player.


Sonic: Hey! I've been looking for you, Baldy McNosehair. Who're your friends?
Dr. Eggman: "Friends?" These are nobody's friends. They are The Deadly Six, and they are your worst enemies! Zazz! Show this blue pest how you do things up here.
Zazz: With pleasure. I've been itching for a fight all day!
Sonic: I think you're itching because you need a bath!
Zazz: [Sniffs himself] Are you disrespecting me?

Sonic Boom


Eggman is Singing in shower wearing Shower Cap and uses Shower Curtain to cover himself conversing with one of the Tailses

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