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Air Gear

Air Gear is a manga that ran 37 volumes from 2002 to 2012. During this time, a 29 anime adaptation of it was produced, composed of a 26 episode TV series in 2006 and a 3-episode OVA series in 2010-11.

Air Gear (manga)Edit

2008 chapterEdit

In 2008, shortly after Obama’s election, in "trick 206", it introduced a character called “John Omaha,” who happens to be president of the U.S. He is saved by a young Air-Trekker called Emily Adachi, causing them to switch bodies. Another scene shows her coming out of the bathroom, looking strangely relaxed.

Chapter 199Edit

Chapter 200Edit

Chapter 202Edit

Air Gear (anime)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Episode 21Edit

Mikan Noyamano has a bath.

Unknown EpisodesEdit

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