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Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha) is a manga that ran 13 volumes from 1991 to 2000. During this time it had a 77 episode anime series adaptation (74 TV and 3 OVA) from 1994 to 1995.

Akazukin Chacha (anime)

Episode 21

May 27 1994

In an episode titled "A Dangerous Open-air Bath!", the heroes go Mixed Bathing in a Hot Spring.

Episode 33

Aug 19 1994

4m10s in Dorothy the sorceress has a Bubble Bath. While reflecting about her student Shiine, she sees images of him and his father in the bubbles. Confused about what to do, she sinks under the bubbles.

Episode 73

23 June 1995 "The secret of Dorothy's castle"

There are a couple Clothed Bathing scenes. The first occurs to Dorothy when she crawls into a narrow tunnel, chasing a shrunken Seravy. She gets stuck, and asks Shiine and Chacha for help. It is initially dark so they can't see, but Chacha tries to help anyway. She calls on her Crescent Aurora Bracelet and transforms it into her Assistance Boomerang. The tunnel goes dark again though, so they can't initially see what the result is. Eventually Shiine sees subtle sparkles and says it smells clean, leading Chacha to deduce that it is soap. Soon after, Dorothy rockets along the tunnel. It turns out that the boomerang summoned Soap suds which coated Dorothy's body and allowed her to slide down the tunnel.

The second occurs to Seravy, as he is fleeing the speeding Dorothy who is quickly gaining ground on him. At 19m30s after exiting the closet full of unopened birthday presents had given dorothy, he and Riiya (the werewolf) are running down a corridor and Seravy mentions casually that he's getting a workout (and probably sweaty) and that he wants to get out of Dorothy's caslte and back to his own home where he can have a bath. Moments later, a trab door opens and he falls past a Shower Head into a bathtub of water while still clothed in his wizard's robe. Riiya was in the back and managed to slow himself in time and could only gawk in horror as Seravy fell. Seravy exclaims that the water is getting cold, and his hands begin to go numb as he reaches up and tries to climb out of the tub. As he passes out, he gasps out for Dorothy's help, and then sinks under the water, with Riiya shouting out in horror as he looks on helplessly from above, screaming that he has drowned. Seravy narrates the events, lamenting that THE world champion wizard drowned in a bathtub. At 20m30s it guts to black, showing nothing but the water and the last of the air leaving his lungs, and we can hear Chacha crying "sensei!" and Dorothy crying "Seravy!".

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