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Alice Liddell

Alice Liddell in American McGee's Alice

Alice Pleasance Liddell (also known as Alice Fairchild and Alice Liddle) is the main protagonist of the Alice In Wonderland franchise and is also based off of a real person from the 1800s of the same name as well as a Disney counterpart. This Disney appearance is parodied on the covers of the Alice no Yakata eroge trilogy.

Lost Girls

Volume 1

published 1991

Alice has a Dream Sequence Bathing scene where she is picturing the mirror melting into mercury, and entwining nude with her reflection in a non-water liquid.

American McGee's Alice

There is a mention of Alice being bathed in the game: July 19, 1874: In her most disturbing outburst in quite some time, Alice attacked one of the nurses while being bathed. Called her "Duchess."

Return to Wonderland

Chapter 1

She takes a Bubble Bath in an Skirted Bathtub and attempts Suicide and her daughter Calie Liddle finds her.

Beyond Wonderland

Unknown Capter

On one of the covers, Alice is shown Showering from a mushroom Shower Head in a flower forest.

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