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Kanji Title:アマガミ
Genre:Romance, Drama
Amagami SS
Directed by:Yoshimasa Hiraike
Written by:Noboru Kimura & Touko Machida
Studio:Anime International Company
Original Run:July 2nd, 2010-December 23rd, 2010
# of Episodes:25+1+2
Amagami SS+ plus
Directed by:Tomoki Kobayashi
Studio:Anime International Company
Original Run:January 5th, 2012 – March 22nd, 2012
# of Episodes:13
Directed by:Tomoki Kobayashi
Studio:Studio Gokumi
Original Run:January 6th, 2017 – ongoing
# of Episodes:atleast 12

Amagami is a visual novel series by Enterbrain that has been made into an anime series titled Amagami SS by A.I.C. as well as a spin-off anime titled Seiren by Studio Gokumi.

Franchise History

It started as a visual novel on Playstation 2 released in Japan on March 2nd, 2009.

It received several manga adaptations:

  1. "Sincerely Yours" began October 2009 in Famitsu Comic Clear and concluded in 2010 with a collected volume.
    • FCC began another series April 30, 2010
  2. "Precious Diary" began September 2009 to November 2010 in Young Animal (Island) and concluded with 2 volumes.
    • "Precious Diary - Kaoru" added another two volumes (also in YA/I) from November 2010 – December 2011
  3. "Love Goes On!" began March 2010 in Dengeki Maoh and is still ongoing, having amassed 2 volumes
  4. "Close to You" began sometime in 2010 in Comp Ace

It had gained an anime adaption in July 2010 titled Amagami SS which had 26 episodes, concluding in December. The primary 24 episodes are divided into 6 4-episode story arcs (Haruka/Kaoru/Sae/Ai/Rihoko/Tsukasa)

There was also an episode 25 pre-Christmas special involving Risa Kamizaki called "Truth", and a 2011 mail-in-OVA 26th episode called "Little Sister" involving Miya.

Two additional OVA episodes (each containing 3 character-specific chapters corresponding to the 3 arcs per 12-episode season in the first series) were also sent to those who bought all 13 BRD releases (2 eps each). This means the first season has a total of 28 episodes.

A second game was produced in 2011 called "EbiKore+ Amagami".

A 2012 sequel anime titled Amagami SS+ plus ran January to March 2012 and had 13 episodes. The primary portion involves 6 2-episode arcs about the characters in the first series, in the different order of Tsukasa/Rihoko/Ai/Kaoru/Sae/Haruka. The final episode is another episode involving Miya titled "Onsen" ("Hot Spring"). There were also 7 specials for the 2012 series.

In 2017, a spin-off anime series by Studio Gokumi titled Seiren began airing on January 6th.

Brief Plot Overview

Two years ago, Junichi Tachibana had his heart broken by a girl who stood him up on a date on Christmas Eve. Now a second-year student in high school, Junichi is wary of love because of his past and dislikes celebrating Christmas. However this Christmas, his encounter with one of six girls from his school: Haruka Morishima, Kaoru Tanamachi, Sae Nakata, Ai Nanasaki, Rihoko Sakurai, or Tsukasa Ayatsuji will finally open up his heart to love again.

Bathing Scenes

Amagami SS

Episode 1

Aired July 1st, 2010

Junichi Tachibana imagines a Dream Sequence Bathing scene where Haruka Morishima is having a Furo session with Miya Tachibana and telling her that touching her breasts makes them bigger.

Episode 4

22 July 2010

Episode 6

5 August 2010

Episode 7

12 August 2010

Episode 10

3 September 2010

Episode 14

8 October 2010

Episode 16

21 October 2010

Episode 17

28 October 2010

Episode 19

11 November 2010

Episode 20

18 November 2010

Episode 22

2 December 2010

Episode 26

29 April 2011 on DVD

Amagami SS+ plus

Episode 1

5 January 2012

In the beginning of the episode (in a dream) Tsukasa Ayatsuji is shown Slipping on Soap.

Episode 2

12 January 2012

Episode 4

26 January 2012

Episode 5

2 February 2012

Episode 7

16 February 2012

Episode 8

23 February 2012

Episode 12

22 March 2012

Episode 13

29 March 2012

An entire episode dedicated to show's girls' visit to Onsen.

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Opening Credits

Kyouko Touno is seen having a Shower while wearing a Swimsuit in a Shower Stall.

Episode 1

Tomoe Kamita takes a Bath with a Rubber Duck in a Unit Bathtub.

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 9

4th Ending Credits


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