Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
Gender Female
Series Sailor Moon
Taken 3 Baths
Bathed In Hot Spring
Clawfoot Bathtub
Unit Bathtub
Bathed with Rei Hino
Minako Aino
Makoto Kino
Usagi Tsukino
Accessories Used Towel

Ami Mizuno also known as Sailor Mercury is a character from Sailor Moon.

Bathing Accessibility

She owns a Clawfoot Bathtub but in the Sailor Moon SuperS: Ami's First Love special, she has a Unit Bathtub.

Bathing Habits

She takes her Baths in the morning and reads Books while in the tub. She normally wears her glasses while bathing.

Bathing Scenes

Sailor Moon (manga)

Omake: Ami's First Love

Chapter reprinted in volume 13 and Sailor Moon Short Stories volume 1

On the chapter cover, she is seen taking a Bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub reading a Book while sitting in the middle of the tub and dangling her legs.

Sailor Moon (anime)

Episode 40

Sailor Moon SuperS: Ami's First Love

Sailor moon supers ami's first love 2

Ami reading a book in the bath while doing a bath kick

In the beginning of the special, Ami tells about her average morning. One part shows that she always takes a bath before school while wearing her glasses and reading a Book. It first shows a bunch of flying bubbles obscuring the view of Ami in the bathtub but then becomes clear showing her Leg Stretching while reading. She then looks at the camera and closes the book. She then grabs a pink Towel leaning over the edge of the tub and stands up holding it as she gets ready to get out.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Episode 1

She ends up bathing in her transformation sequence when turning into Sailor Mercury.


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