Arthur Pendragon (also known as King Arthur) is the main protagonist to the Arthurian Legends.

He was also the star of his own 1979 anime series titled "Entaku no Kishi Monogatari Moero Āsā" or "Story of the Knights of the Round Table: Blazing Arthur" which was 30 episodes long, and the 1980 sequel with 22 episodes titled "Moero Arthur Hakuba no Ōji" or "Burn, Arthur: The Prince of the White Horse".


He is featured in the Kingdom Hearts manga which adapted Disney's adaptation of the story. Sora meets him.

He is also a character in DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


Scrubble Bubble

The Adventures of Merlin

Series 2

Episode 9

In "The Lady of the Lake", Merlin used a Heat Spell Onhǽte þá wæter, to make Arthur's bath water warmer. However, the spell was too powerful and the water became boiling hot.

Series 4

Episode 6

In "A Servant of Two Masters", Merlin was hostile about Gwen serving Arthur food, and commented about his bath duties:

Merlin to Gwen: "this is just getting ridiculous. . . You'll be pouring his bath water next."
Gwen to Arthur: "There was a problem with the bath water. Merlin's gone to remedy it. I don't think you can have a bath today!"

Later, in Arthur's room, Merlin prepares the bath and pours in a jar of corrosive salts, which turns the bath into acid strong enough to corrode steel. Gaius and Gwen rush into the room, the latter again clobbering Merlin unconscious with a pitcher. Arthur is naked when Gwen and Gaius come into his chamber. They then inform a confused Arthur he cannot have his bath today.

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