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Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki
Yūki Asuna
Gender Female
Series Sword Art Online
Taken 7 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed In Slipper Bathtub
Hot Spring
Bathed with Yui
Accessories Used Clothes
Mandi Bunga

Asuna Yuuki is a character from Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online: Aria in the Starless NightEdit

She takes a bath.

Sword Art Online (anime)Edit

Episode 6Edit

In the episodes end card, she is shown taking a bath clothed in an outdoor Bathing Pool.

Sword Art OfflineEdit

Episode 4Edit

Sword Art Online: Infinity MomentEdit

Sword Art Online Progressive (manga)Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Sword Art Online IIEdit

Episode 15Edit


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