Asura Cryin' (anime)

Episode 4

23 April 2009

Shuri Kurosaki wearing a towel

Episode 8

21 May 2009

Ania Fortuna wears a Shampoo Hat in the tub while another female (looks to be Kanade Takatsuki although she has blue hair and this one has purple...) has a Furo session, and then joins her in the tub.

Episode 12

19 June 2009

Kanade Takatsuki bathing

Asura Cryin' 2

Episode 3

15 October 2009 - Episode 16 "Free and Restricted Choices"

A brown-haired girl named An Oohara is shown bathing.

Episode 5

29 October 2009 - Episode 18 "The Painful Relationship Between Love and Magic Power"

Episode 8

19 November 2009 - Episode 21 "Future Without Memories"

lead character Tomoharu Natsume is bathing alone until he is joined by a brown-haired woman who looks to be the same one from episode 16.


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