Avatar: The Last Airbender is a anime-styled series that aired on Nickelodeon.

Biref Plot Overview

The series is about two members of the Southern Water Tribe (north and south Water Tribes are based on Inuit culture) a brother Sokka and a sister Katara finding the 112-year-old Airbender, Aang in an iceberg along with his Flying Bison Appa.

The Airbenders were wiped out by the late Fire Lord Sozin 100 years ago and he began the War.

The current Fire Lord was Ozai who banished his firstborn son Zuko and was cursed to find and capture the Avatar (Aang).

Aang must learn Water, Earth,and Fire before a comet dubbed Sozin's Comet returns at the end of the summer.

Bathing Scenes

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Episode 7

Iroh is soaking in a natural hot spring when his nephew Zuko averts his eyes as he steps out. Iroh eventually goes back in, and while he is distracted by a cute mouse, a group of earthbenders capture him.

Episode 9

Appa gets bathed in a river.

Episode 28

In this episode, the group of heroes bath Appa (a sky bison) in the Nan Shan River so that he will stop shedding hair allowing Azula's tank train to track them.

Episode 35

Katara and Toph Bei Fong are shown Neighbor Bathing in a Mud Bath at a spa on their day off in Ba Sen Se.

Episode 47

Katara is shown Skinny Dipping in a lake underneath a cliff where she hears a conversation between Sokka and Toph.

Episode 49

Azula is seen in a Bathrobe getting her hair combed after some possible Off Screen Bathing.

Episode 60

Azula is seen in a Bathrobe after some possible Off Screen Bathing.

The Legend of Korra

Episode 5

The earthbender Bolin bathes his fire ferret Pabu who resists getting the bath because fire ferrets don't like water very much.


Boys' Day Out

Toph Bei Fong and Katara take a Mud Bath.

Dirty Is Only Skin Deep

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