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For another series that has a similar Japanese title and gets often confused for this series, see Ghost Slayers Ayashi or Samurai Horror Tales.

Ayakashi (or アヤカシ kanji, sometimes referred to as Ayakashi Ghost Guild) is a visual novel developed by Apricot and published by Crossnet on 28 October 2005. In December 2005 it was also part of the mass "Ever17 CrossOver Impression". A fandisc called Ayakashi H was released 29 September 2006, including more erotic scenes. The first game and H were compiled into an Ayakashi Pack released 14 December 2007, two days after the anime began.

It received a 12-episode anime adaptation that aired 12 December 2007 to 5 March 2008.

Ayakashi (visual novel)

Ayakashi (anime)

Episode 4

2 January 2008

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