Binbō-gami ga! (貧乏神が! meaning "This God of Poverty!") was renamed Good Luck Girl! when released in English. The franchise began with a series of manga in 2008 which concluded by its 16th volume on July 4, 2013.

A year prior to the final volume, on 4 July 2012 the series began an anime adaptation which lasted 13 episodes, until concluding September 2012, prior to the conclusion of the manga.

Binbougami ga! (manga)

Chapter 1

Binbougami ga! (anime)

Episode 1

Episode 4

Ichiko Sakura does Bathing with Animals, then finds out the dog was a morphed Momo'o Inugami

Episode 12

Episode needed

There is a segment showing Nadeshiko Adenokouji bathing.

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