Boku no Pico (or My Pico) is a an anime series with 3 OVAs which began in 2006. The first OVA was remade in a more conservative format between the publication of the 2nd and 3rd.



Pico is seen through a telescope sitting on a rock nude, drying off while he squeezes out his shirt. This could have possibly been Skinny Dipping. He slips on his shirt after it dries off.

Later at 16m37s a shower can be heard running and after it stops, Pico steps out of the shower with a towel around him, having finished offscreen. After being given some new clothing he goes in there to change.

Near the end, Pico goes swimming (wearing his shirt) with a new friend that he makes, and only becomes nude after exiting the water, while squeezing out the shirt, so it is not likely that skinny dipping itself actually occurred.


The second OVA is titled "Pico to Chico" (Pico and Chico) and was made in 2007.

After the credits end, the story opens showing Chico naked and Skinny Dipping in a river.


The third OVA is titled "Pico to Chico to Coco" (Pico, Chico and Coco) and was made in 2008.

The opening shows Pico and Chico and Coco together both bathing in champagne glasses and later having a Rain Shower.

After that, at 4m40s is, Pico is walking around when he sees Coco at the top of a diving board. Coco removes his dress and does a naked high dive into a pool, resulting in Skinny Dipping.

After the three take a trip to an amusement park (Chico plays a prize-winning game while Pico and Coco deal with a garment problem) a shower is seen running and Chico is seen cleaning himself in front of a mirror

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