Robert Bruce Banner (usually known as just Bruce Banner, also known as The Incredible Hulk) is a character from the Marvel Comics universe.


The Hulk!

Chapter 23

From October 1980

The Incredible Hulk

Issue 315

From January 1986 w:c:Marvel:Incredible Hulk Vol 1 315

Samson was able to convince the government to refinance the gamma base and pay for the procedure to separate the two. Hulk was placed in a giant nutrient bath. The idea was to edit Banner out of Hulk's body while trying to make sure Banner's intellect went into the new body.


The Incredible Hulk

~80 minutes in after (as Hulk) taking Betty Ross to a cave, where he gets angry at a rainstorm, Bruce is shown taking a shower while lying on the floor of a bathtub, having reverted to his normal human form.

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