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Bruce Wayne's anime depictions

Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman) is a character from the DC Comics universe.



Year OneEdit

1987 "Four of a Kind" is an unidentified storyline in the "year one" series of Batman, which originally came out issues 404 to 407 from February to May.

Issue 447Edit

May 1990

Dark CityEdit

A storyline that spanned Issues 452 to 454, August to September 1990

Knightfall: The Broken BatEdit

1993 "The Broken Bat" compiles the first 6 issues (492 to 497) of the "Batman: Knightfall" storyline that ran from issues 492 to 500.

Catwoman (2nd Series)Edit

Chapter 38Edit

He takes a Shower.

Superman & BatmanEdit


Issue #4Edit
March 1999

This is probably an older Bruce bathing with Ra's al Ghul.

MAD magazineEdit

Issue 516Edit

August 2012 by Nathan Bulmer

Detective Comics vol 2Edit

Issue 11Edit

September 2012



Batman: The Animated SeriesEdit

Episode 15Edit

"The Last Laugh" 2 Sep. 1992.

When Bruce cuts himself shaving, Alfred says that he drew him a bath. But it was April Fool's Day so he had only illustrated one. So Bruce had a shower instead.

I drew your bath, sir..00:41

I drew your bath, sir...

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