Bubble Bath
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Alternate Names Bath Foam
Type Accessory
Similar Concepts Soap
Bubble Bath Dissipation
Bubble Bath Blowing

Bubble Bath or Bath Foam is a very Soapy substance that floats on top of bathwater that can make a Bath more relaxing or fun.


Master of Mosquiton 3 2

A dissipating bubble bath seen in Master of Mosquiton.

Bubble Baths in the most simple way can be created by using a lot of Soap and Shampoo from washing in a Bath. It is usually created by pouring in the substance from a bottle into the running bathwater. As time passes, bubble bath will eventually dissipate leaving a big chunk of the water murky with only a few remaining. Some Jacuzzi's or other jetted Bathtubs can create bubble baths with more bubbles and keep it active much longer.

Snow Fairy Sugar 3 10

A playful bubble bath seen in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.

Bubble Bath can make a bath more relaxing as the bubbles retain heat longer. Bubble Baths are also seen as a way of making a bath amusing with activities such as Bubble Scooping and Bubble Bath Blowing and are seen as an easier way of making kids take a bath. Bubble Bath is typically viewed as girly and usually kept as a secret guilty pleasure to males.

In media, the soap suds created from the bubble bath are usually seen as subtle way for Convenient Censoring in bath scenes. Sometimes during bubble bath scenes many bubbles can be seen floating around the bathroom which is usually implied through bubble blowing but impossible in real life.

Role in Japanese Culture

Sound Euphonium Specials 1 5

Bubble bath used in a Japanese ofuro seen in Sound! Euphonium Specials.

As bubble bath was a western invention, the japanese don't commonly use it since they have Ofuro's which everyone shares the same bathwater so bath additives aren't really used and used on rare occasion for fun. Japan perceives bubble baths in Clawfoot Bathtubs to be the quintessential westernized bath. While baths in general are strongly liked by both genders in Japan, bubble bath is still considered girly in Japan. In anime & manga culture, bubble bath is often associated with cute female characters like magical girls or princesses.

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