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Burn Up
English Title:Burn Up!
Kanji Title:バーンナップ
Romanji Title:Bānnappu
Genre:Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Science-Fiction
Original Creator:Yasunori Ide
Burn Up!
Film Type:Single Episode OVA
Directed by:Yasunori Ide
Release Date:March 21st, 1991
Burn-Up W
Directed by:Hiroshi Negishi
Original Run:April 10th, 1996 – September 26th, 1996
# of Episodes:4
Burn-Up Excess
Directed by:Shinichiro Kimura
Studio:Magic Bus (animation)
A.I.C. (production)
Original Run:December 12th, 1997 – July 1st, 1998
# of Episodes:13
Burn-Up Scramble
Directed by:Hiroki Hayashi
Original Run:January 12th, 2004 – March 29th, 2004
# of Episodes:12

Burn Up! is an anime film that later spawned a few anime series.

Burn Up!

21 March 1991

Maki has a Shower in Kenji's RV and is seen Arm Washing. She gets out in a pink Towel getting ready to get intimate with him but the moment is ruined when their friends come by.

Burn Up W

Episode 3

25 August 1996

Rio Kinezono has an Off Screen Bathing scene and is shown wearing a green Towel and using a Hair Dryer.

Burn Up Excess

Episode 2


Episode 4


Maya Jingu takes a Shower.

Episode 7


Episode 9


Rio Kinezono goes Skinny Dipping and pulls out a gun.

Episode 10


Rio Kinezono ends up Skinny Dipping.

Episode 11


Episode 13

1 July 1998

There is a Shower Room scene with Lilica Ebett, Maya Jingu, Nanvel Candlestick and Rio Kinezono.

Burn Up Scramble

Ending Credits

episode 1 debuted 12 January 2004

Rio Kinezono takes a Bath.

Episode 4

2 February 2004

Episode 5

9 February 2004

Episode 7

23 February 2004

Rio Kinezono takes an Off Screen Shower on a plane after being thrown up on.

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