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A Clawfoot Bathtub is a classic style bathtub which originated in the late 1800s. It commonly has four legs on the bottom keeping it up and is usually deeper than most bathtubs. They are commonly seen in more rich and wealthy environments or in Western European influenced settings. Even though they are designed for western style baths, a few Japanese Ofuro's have been shown to have them as well. The most basic design is with one flat end and one rounded end but has another one known as the double sided which has two rounded ends. Clawfoot Bathtubs have other altered designs such as the Slipper Bathtub and the Freestanding Bathtub.


This only includes standard style clawfoot bathtubs, see the Slipper Bathtub article for the appearances of those.

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
April 17th, 1985 "Urusei Yatsura episode 152"
Urusei Yatsura 152 3
Ran is seen taking a Shower behind a Shower Curtain that is over a pink clawfoot bathtub that she was standing in.
January 13th, 1990 "My Daddy Long Legs opening credits"
Judy Abbot is seen taking a Bath in a standard clawfoot bathtub that is filled with Bubble Bath that she is seen playing around in. It is slightly blue with small copper feet that are undetailed. The tub has pipes running in through the front flat end implying that the faucet is inside the tub and not above it. The tub is placed over a red carpet and seems to be in a bathroom of sorts which seems to be rare in the time period the series takes place in which is the early 1900s.
March 13th, 1996 "Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 24"
Neon Genesis Evangelion 24 1 TV
Asuka Langley Soryu is seen at the beginning of an episode taking a Bath in a rusty old clawfoot tub that was in destroyed house, almost lifeless as she was attempting Suicide as the bathwater is seen getting bloody just before a NERV agent finds her to bring her back. The legs of the tub seem to be wide and block shaped judging from one corner the tub is seen in.
September, 1998 "Bambi and Her Pink Gun chapter 3"
Bambi and Her Pink Gun v01 066
Bambi and Pampi wash up to get clean in a double sided clawfoot Bathtub in Goboten Hotel that they took a Bubble Bath in together and had the Shower running on them at the same time. The tub is equipped with a Shower Curtain and a shower nozzle but it is unknown what color the tub is due to it only being in a manga. It is likely to be white as most bathtubs are white. It is implied that all the hotel rooms have the same setup and that many unnamed bathers have used this tub in the past since it is a hotel room.
May 10th, 2001 "Steel Angel Kurmi 2 episode 5"
Steel Angel Kurumi 2 5 1
Uruka Sumeragi and Saki are seen taking a Bubble Bath together a standard clawfoot bathtub in the announcement in the beginning saying not to sit too close to the TV. Later in the episode Uruka is seen taking a bubble bath in the clawfoot bathtub in her house and is joined by Saki.
April 19th, 2001 "Shinkon Gattai Godannar Second Season episode 3"
Godannar 2 3 6
Anna Aoi takes a Bath in the clawfoot bathtub that is in Sakura's Ofuro while staying the night at her house. Sakura gets in the tub with her and the two talk.
April 25th, 2007 "Murder Princess episode 2"
Murder princess 2 3
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May 30th, 2007 "Murder Princess episode 3"
Murder princess 3 1
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April 7th, 2008 "Soul Eater episode 1"
Soul Eater 1 12
Blair is seen taking a Bubble Bath in a double ended clawfoot bathtub that is in her house. This tub is colored tan with golden feet and has a golden Shower attachment on the wall over it despite lacking a Shower Curtain. She does not bathe in it after its first appearance because she moves in with Maka and Soul meaning she bathes in there tub instead. She is the only person who bathes in this tub although Soul fell in it fully clothed while she was bathing.
April 7th, 2008 "Soul Eater episode 4"
Soul Eater 4 4
Blair is seen taking a Bubble Bath in the double sided clawfoot bathtub that is the apartment of Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans. It is green with a white rim and has a golden shower nozzle attached to it. It is implied that Maka does her bathing in this tub as well as Soul unless he takes Showers instead because it has a shower attachment although it lacks a Shower Curtain. The Off Screen bath Maka said she was going to take after finishing the remedial lesson in episodes 4 and 5 was likely in this tub because it's at her apartment. Blair's off screen bath that she had from episode 12 was in this tub.
July 24th, 2010 "Asobi ni iku yo! episode 3"
Kio Kakazu is seen soaking in the yellow clawfoot bathtub in his houses Ofuro. Later on, when Manami Kinjou and Aoi Futaba bathe, Aoi is first seen soaking in the tub while Manami washes but then joins her in the tub and talks with her. Aoi then gets out of the tub to wash herself while Manami is in the tub by herself just before the girls charge out from hearing about an intruder.
February 11th, 2011 "Friendship is Magic episode 15"
MlpTwilight freaking out S1E15
Twilight Sparkle has an animal bath with Pinkie's pet gator Gummy in one.
October 29th, 2011 "Ben-To episode 4"
Bento 4 8
Ayame Shaga is cornered naked into climbing in a Bubble Bath in Ume Shiraume's pink clawfoot tub which she joins her in and tries force herself on her but Ayame escapes leaving Ume in the tub by herself. The tub has golden claw feet.
December 3rd, 2011 "Ben-To episode 9"
Bento 9 1
Ume Shiraume is seen taking a Bath in her pink clawfoot bathtub at the beginning of the episode while she wears a blue Towel on her head and rests her arm on the side of the tub.
January 14th, 2012 "Friendship is Magic episode 39"
MlpBaby Cakes S2E13 About to run off
Pinkie Pie bathes Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake in one.
February 11th, 2012 "Friendship is Magic episode 43"
MLP FIM 43 Too clean stallion S02E17
An unnamed Stallion is shown bathing in one.
November 9th, 2012 "Sankarea OVA episode 2"
Sankarea OVA 2 1
Aria Sanka is seen taking a Bubble Bath in hers which she ends up pleasuring herself in.


  • Some Japanese translations for Clawfoot Bathtub in 足のバスタブ (Bathtub foot), 猫足のバスタブ (Bathtub soundless and stealthy steps), 爪のバスタブ (Bathtub claw) and ネコ足バスタブ (Cat foot bathtub).

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