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Devil Hunter Yohko is a 6 episode OVA series by Madhouse, which released Dec 1, 1990 to Jul 1, 1995. A manga adaptation began in 1996.

Devil Hunter Yohko (anime)

Episode 1

Released Dec 1, 1990

Yohko Mano ends up Skinny Dipping in the school Swimming Pool by having her Swmisuit torn up by a tentacle beast underwater that was being controlled by one of the teachers who was secretly a demon. Later on, Osamu Wakabayashi has an Off Screen Bathing scene in a hotel room and comes out in a Towel to get ready and have sex with Yohko.

Episode 2

Release date unknown

Yohko Mano and Azusa Kanzaki are seen having a conversation while they are Stripping to go into the Bath. After a scene of the power for the whole city being shorted out, it shifts back to Yohko and Azusa sharing a bathtub together when the Power Outage happens which then gives them the hint that something is up.

Episode 5

Release date unknown

Madoka Mano is seen standing outside topless happily giving herself a Sponge Bath in the transformed body of a teenager which happened during a battle with the demon Tokima.

Episode 6

Released July 1, 1995

Yohko Mano takes a Bath and talks on the phone while playing with her hair and Bath Kicking. When she sees a shadow pass by the bathroom window, she stands up and covers her breasts. She then runs out of the house in a pink Towel and Bath Slippers holding a Scrub Brush and chases after it though the city where she then ends up in a battle with Ayako Mano and Azusa 2 wear she has to use the Scrub Brush as a weapon.


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