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Dirty Pair is a science fiction light novel series that spanned off into an anime series and OVAs from 1985 onward.

Dirty Pair (anime)

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Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia

Dirty Pair: Project Eden

Main article: Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Dirty Pair Project Eden 9

a naked woman in water during the films opening sequence

In some colorful artistic Dream Sequence like animations shown in the opening credits of the film, an unnamed naked female is seen in many situations where she is touching or inside of water.

Dirty Pair Project Eden 19

Yuri and Kei having bubble baths

Later on in the movie, while the Lovely Angels Kei and Yuri are exploring an old spaceship as part of their mission, they stumble upon the old ship's bathing room. Being Filthy, they turn the lights on a start to Sing as they both Strip for baths. They both have a Bubble Bath as they are Neighbor Bathing. While Kei is laying in her bathtub holding out a Bath Kick she has a discussion with Yuri who is Shampooing her hair over in her bathtub. As Kei is Arm Resing, she discusses that the last time she had a bath during a mission was an Off Screen Bath where to perverted old men named Jekyll and Hyde saw her.

Meanwhile above them through the air vents, Carson D. Carson is watching them during their baths but then accidently breaks the vent startling the ladies and falling into Yuri's tub. As Carson fell clothed into Yuri's bath, the water made a big enough splash that it rinsed the shampoo out of her hair but then when she sees Carson she quickly covers her chest and screams following by a swift bath kick launching him out of the tub. As Carson flies out of Yuri's bathtub, he then falls into Kei's tub landing face first right into the area of Kei's crotch. When getting up, Kei gets angry and threatens him as he is seen grabbing her breasts. While back over in Yuri's bathtub, she is seen covering her breasts with one hand and attempting to grab the orange towel hung on the rack right outside the tub but Carson who was punched by Kei flys by quickly startling her. As Carson is knocked on the other side of the room, both of the ladies are seen out of their tubs with Yuri wearing an orange Towel and Kei wearing a green Towel Bikini. After they have a discussion, alien-like creatures come and put them into some Action Bathing. During the commotion, Yuri who is still wearing a towel hangs onto a pipe above the tubs but its gets broken causing her to fall back into one of the bathtubs where she ends up Towel Bathing. She quickly backs out while panicking as the alien thats after her puches the bathtub over. For the majority of the film, Yuri remains in the orange towel after turning it into a Towel Bikini.

Dirty Pair Project Eden 92

Ending Credits of Kei and Yuri bathing in wine glasses

Later on, Professor Wattsman is seen having a strange Bath in a tub full of pink balls.

In the ending credits, both of the Lovely Angels are seen Neighbor Bathing once again but in Wine Glasses.

Dirty Pair OVA

Ending Credits

During the ending credits song "Aki Kara no Summertime" by Yuko Nitou, Ella can be seen in a Towel and a Shower Cap through a window after an Off Screen Bathing scene. As the camera moves up more putting her into the main frame she quickly looks over at the viewer and closes the curtain with an annoyed look on her face.

Episode 6

Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy

Dirty Pair Flash

Episode 5

Yuri takes a Shower in a Shower Stall in a Shower Room and looks in the Mirror while imitating her current partner Lily who annoys her.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Yuri and Kei take an hour long Off Screen Bath at a Public Bath.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3

Episode 3

Episode 4


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