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Dororon Enma-kun is a manga and anime series by Go Nagai.

Franchise history

There has been at least 15 distinct manga series. The series' first anime was a 25 episode TV series which ran from 73-74. A 4-episode OVA series "Demon Prince Enma" was made in 2006. A video game "CR Dororon Enma-kun" was made in 2007. In 2011 a second TV series "Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up" ("Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera") ran for 12 episodes.

Dororon Enma-kun (anime)

Episode 10

6 December 1973

Episode 13

27 December 1973

Episode 15

17 January 1974

Episode 22

7 March 1974

Episode 23

14 March 1974

Kikoushi Enma

aka "Demon Prince Enma"

Episode 1

Released August 25th, 2006

There is a Bath scene which ends up turning into a Blood Bath but ends up only being a Nightmare.

Episode 2

Released October 27th, 2006

Yukiko-Hime has an Ice Bath.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

Episode 1

8 April 2011

Episode 2

15 April 2011

Episode 3

22 April 2011

Episode 9

3 June 2011

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