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El Hazard (alternatively El-Hazard) began as an OVA series (subtitled "The Magnificent World") that ran 7 episodes from May 1995 to January 1996. During this run, a TV series adaptation (subtitled "The Wanderers") also began, running 26 episodes from October 1995 to March 1996.

A second OVA series (El Hazard 2) ran 4 episodes in 1997 from March to October. Following this, a second TV series (subtitled "The Alternative World") ran 12 episodes in 1998 from January to March.

Sometimes also in 1998 was a stand-alone OVA entitled "A Night of Captivation, Temptation, and Purification".

El Hazard: The Magnificent WorldEdit

Episode 3Edit

onsen no sekai eruhazaado 温泉の世界エルハザード Third Night: The World of Hot Springs released 26 July 1995

El Hazard: The WanderersEdit

Episode 8Edit

aired 24 November 1995

An unnamed female is seen having a Bath.

Episode 12Edit

aired 22 December 1995

Alielle Relryle has a Bath scene.

Episode 15Edit

aired 12 January 1996

There is a Bath scene between Shayla Shayla and Afura Mann.

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Episode 23Edit

aired 8 March 1996

There is a Skinny Dipping scene between Nanami Jinnai and Rune Venus.

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El Hazard: The Magnificent World 2Edit

Episode 1Edit

roshutaria no hanayome ロシュタリアの花嫁 The Bride of Roshtaria released 21 March 1997

Episode 2Edit

kaaria kakusei カーリア覚醒 The Awakening of Kalia released 25 May 1997

El Hazard: The Alternative WorldEdit

Episode 5Edit

Yume Hiraku, Tenkuu no Rakuen 夢ひらく、天空の楽園 Dream Open, Paradise in Heaven aired 4 February 1998

Episode 6Edit

Shoubaihanjou, Koi no Shisha 商売繁盛、恋の使者 Business is Booming for the Messenger of Love aired 11 February 1998

Episode 7Edit

Kinjirareta Meikyuu 禁じられた・迷宮 The Forbidden Labyrinth aired 18 February 1998

Episode 13Edit

miwaku . yuuwaku . misogino yoru !! 魅惑・誘惑・みそぎの夜!! A Night of Captivation, Temptation, and Purification aired 2 October 2002

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