Elpeo Ple / Puru
Erupī Puru
Gender Female
Series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Taken 5 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed In Blow Up Pool
Flat Bathtub in Shower Room
Bathed with Fa Yuiry
Sayla Mass
Emary Ounce
Sarah Zabiarov
Four Murasame
Situations Bath Kick
Off Screen Bathing
Towel on Head
Leg Arching
Leg Spreading
Leg Curling
Shower Bath
Accessories Used Bubble Bath
Scrub Brush
Shower Head

Elpeo Ple (sometimes translated as Elpeo Puru) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Ple likes bathing to the extent that it annoys others and causes trouble for them. She commonly uses Bubble Bath and Scrub Brushs. Since she prefers Baths over Showers saying that showers aren't as fun, she managed to have the members of the Argama create a Bathtub for her from a Blow Up Pool since the ship didn't have any bathtubs just Showers. Ple doesn't mind if male characters see her bathing and has even tried to ask the series protagonist Judau Ashta to take a bath with her.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Episode 18

Episode 25

Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk I

Episode 2

Judau Ashta peeks into a window which ends up being to a Shower Room where Fa Yuiry, Sayla Mass, Emary Ounce, Sarah Zabiarov and Four Murasame are Showering in Swimsuit's not noticing him and then at the very end is Ple taking a Bath in a Freestanding Bathtub naked that has a shower running on her as well. Ple turns around and notices Judau and then happily winks at him.

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A Shower Head is visible in this scene.



  • Elpeo Ple is the first character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise to be shown taking a Bubble Bath as well as the only character to have any bathing scene in Gundam ZZ.

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