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Elucia de Lute Ima / Elsie Katsuragi

Elucia de Lute Ima (also known as Elsie Katsuragi) is the female lead to The World God Only Knows.

The World God Only Knows (manga)

Chapter 2

The World God Only Knows (anime)

Episode 2

Elise turns the lights off and joins Keima Katsuragi in his bath. When Keima opened the blinds to see that she is naked in the tub with him, he quickly gets out and hides in the corner covering himself with the bathtubs cover.

Episode 5

She has an Off Screen Bath after Mari Katsuragi tells her to take one after she saw Elise pretending to be an idol.

The World God Only Knows II

Episode 7

The World God Only Knows II 7

Elsie wearing a towel on her head after bathing

she announces that she had an Off Screen Bath as she walks out of the bathroom with a Towel on her head.


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