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Erza Scarlet
Gender Female
Series Fairy Tail
Taken 6 Baths
2 Showers
Bathed In Shower Stall
Public Bath
Bathed with Natsu Dragneel
Gray Fullbuster
Lucy Heartfilia
Levy McGarden
Bisca Mulan
Juvia Lockser
Laki Olietta
Wendy Marvell
Walrod Cken
Situations Off Screen Bathing
Mixed Bathing
Angst Bathing
Towel Dropping
Towel on Head
Bathing Attempt
Bath Bonding
Clothed Bathing
Arm Resting
Action Bathing
Back Washing
Accessories Used Towel
Bath Bucket
Bubble Bath
Bath Stool

Erza Scarlet is a character from Fairy Tail. Erza used to bathe with Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster when they were younger and is still open to the idea of bathing with males.

Fairy Tail (manga)Edit

Chapter 51Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail chapter 51
Fairy Tail ch 51 1

Erza showering after retreating from the battle against Phantom Lord

She is seen having a Shower at the Fairy Tail guild's shower room after retreating from a battle against the members of Phantom Lord . In the shower she thinks to herself of how impossible the battle they are in because of the guild masters defeat and the guilds strongest mages absences and punches the wall in anger thinking that she should have been with the master in battle. While still in the shower, she and rest of the members of Fairy Tail feel the ground moving. When everybody is outside seeing that Phantom Lord is going to destroy Fairy Tail with a giant laser, Erza is seen along them wearing only in a Towel where she tells everybody to get back as the chapter ends.

Chapter 52Edit

Still in a Towel after her Shower in the previous chapter, Erza charges toward the now mobile Phantom Lord guild and drops her towel and quickly exquips in armor to try and stop the laser from hitting the Fairy Tail guild.

Chapter 71Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail chapter 71

Omake: Welcome to Fairy HillsEdit

Main article: Fairy Tail Omake: Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Chapter 228Edit

Fairy Tail ch 228

Erza unofficially Skinny Dipping briefly during battle ex-quipping

Erza has an unofficial Skinny Dipping scene during her fight with Meredy in the middle of a pond, as she uses her ex-quipping which briefly makes her naked to switch armors.

Chapter 261Edit

Chapter 265Edit

Erza has a Bubble Bath in a strange flower shaped bathtub while Singing and crossing her legs at the sleeping quarters of the Honeybone Lodge. After her bath, she inspects the rest of the room in only a Towel to see if there is anything suspicious about the room.

Chapter 341Edit

Although Erza was not present during the Public Bath scene, the girls suspected that the red haired girl that they saw in the bath was Erza but instead was actually Flare Corona who was still stalking Lucy Heartfilia.

Chapter 355Edit

Chapter 403Edit

Omake: Natsu vs. MavisEdit

Fairy Tail (anime)Edit

Episode 21Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 21

Erza takes an off-screen bath at Lucy's house. She has her bath before Lucy.

Episode 23Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 23

she is seen having a Shower at the Fairy Tail guild after retreating from a battle against the members of Phantom Lord, In the shower she flashes back to the battle of her comrades being defeated and gets angry and punches the wall when she has a flashback of the guild master being defeated. When the members of Fairy Tail feel the ground moving, Erza is outside with the rest of them wearing only a purple towel. When Erza sees that Phantom Lord is going to destroy Fairy Tail with a giant laser, she runs off dropping her towel and magical ex-quips into armor to try and stop it.

Episode 29Edit

Episode 31Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 31

Episode 110Edit

Episode 153Edit

Fairy Tail 153

Erza and the girls after an off screen bath at an onsen

Erza is seen in a Bathrobe along with Juvia Lockser, Levy McGarden, Charle, Wendy Marvell and Lucy Heartfilia after having an Off Screen Bath in an Onsen which was shown in the 4th OVA.

Episode 155Edit

She is seen taking a Bubble Bath in the Honeybone Lodge.

Fairy Tail OVAEdit

Episode 1Edit

Episode 4Edit



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