English Title:Fooly Cooly
Kanji Title:フリクリ
Romanji Title:Furi Kuri
Genre:Comedy, Science-Fiction, Action, Slice of life
Original Creator:Yōji Enokido
Anime series
Directed by:Kazuya Tsurumaki
Written by:Yōji Enokido
Production I.G
Original Run:April 26th, 2000 – March 16th, 2001
# of Episodes:6

FLCL also known as Furi Kuri and Fooly Cooly is an anime series originally created by the studios Gainax and Production I.G.

FLCL (anime)

Episode 1

Naota has a furo bath.

Episode 3

Eri Ninamori is seen sponging herself off.

Episode 4

Naota bathes his father Kamon with bottled water.

Episode 5

Haruka is wrapped in a bath towel and pounces on Naota.

Episode 6

The exact same bathing scene from episode 1 was recycled in this episode.

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