Fairy Tail ch 4 1
Official English Title Celestial Spirit of the Canis Minor
Kanji Title 小犬座の星霊
Translated Title Celestial Spirit of the Canis Minor
Media Manga
Release date August 30th, 2006
Writer Hiro Mashima
Artist Hiro Mashima
Studio Weekly Shonen Magazine
Type of Scene Bath
Gender Focus Female
Length 1 page
Related Fairy Tail/Episode 3 (anime adaptation)

Fairy Tail chapter 4 is the 1st bathing scene in the Fairy Tail manga series.


At the beginning of the chapter, Lucy Heartfilia is shown Stretching her arms and curling her legs while having a hot Morning Bath in a stone Undermount Bathtub in the Ofuro of her new house in Magnolia. In the next panel she is out of the bath and is seen in the Changing Room in front of the Mirror wearing a Towel and drying her hair with another towel as she has a narrative explaining some nice qualities in her new house. Afterwards she leaps into the living room still in her towel only to find Natsu Dragneel and Happy the cat invading her house getting her angry and frustrated.

Anime Differences

Main article: Fairy Tail/Episode 3
Fairy Tail 3 1

Anime version of this scene

This bath scene was adapted in the 3rd episode of the anime. The changes made in the anime version aside from the anime's altered version of her bathroom was that Lucy wears a towel in the bath, curls her legs alot closer to her and the camera angle is different. The anime also reveals that the Towels that Lucy wears and drys her hair with are white. In the anime when Lucy is drying off in the Changing Room, she is directly in front of the mirror rather than at an angle. When Lucy comes out into her living room she casual just opens the curtain covering the changing room rather than happily leaping out like in the manga.



Fairy Tail Volume 1 Cover

The volume containing this scene.

This chapter was first released on August 30th, 2006 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In December 15th, 2006 the chapter was printed and published by Kodansha in the first manga volume released in Japan. The scene was officially translated and released in North America in volume 1 published by Del Rey Manga on March 25th, 2008.






  • While this may be the first bathing scene in the Fairy Tail franchise, Hiro Mashima's earlier one-shot in Mashima-en titled Fairy Tale which the series was based on had one.
  • This is the first bathing scene Hiro Mashima drew that has an Undermount Bathtub as well as his first one to have a Mirror used.
  • This is the first time Natsu Dragneel and Happy have seen Lucy Heartfilia in a Towel as well as the very first scene that begins a recurring gag in the series of guild members intruding Lucy's house.
  • The 438th chapter's bathing scene is a loose homage to this one as it is the first chapter where Lucy moves back into her old apartment and begins the chapter bathing and then has Natsu and Happy intruding in her house just like this one. Chapter 347 also has parallel's as well with them both being one panel scenes of Lucy in the same bath, Arm Stretching, Leg Curling and having a similar angle to this one.
  • Including the title page, this scene is on the 3rd page of this chapter.
  • In Del Ray's licensed volume 1 release, this scene is on page 167.
  • This is the only bathing related scene that appears in the 1st manga volume as well as Fairy Tail's only bathing related scene released in 2006.
  • In the series this Bath scene is part of the "Daybreak arc" and the only one to occur in it.


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