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Kanji Title:フリージング
Romanji Title:Furījingu
Genre:Action, Ecchi, Romance, Science-Fiction
Original Creator:Lim Dall-young
Manga series
Published by:Kill Time Communication
Oriringal Run:January 27, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes:atleast 21
Anime TV series
Written by:Masanao Akahoshi
Directed by:Takashi Watanabe
Original Run:January 8th, 2011 – April 7th, 2011
# of Episodes:12
Freezing Specials (OVAs)
Written by:Masanao Akahoshi
Directed by:Takashi Watanabe
Original Run:March 30th, 2011 - August 24th, 2011
# of Episodes:6
Freezing Vibration
Written by:Masanao Akahoshi
Directed by:Takashi Watanabe
Original Run:October 4th, 2013 - ongoing
# of Episodes:12

Freezing is an ongoing manga series with over 18 volumes that began in 2007. In 2011 an anime adaptation was done with 18 episodes (12 on TV, 6 on OVA) releasing from January to August. Three spinoff mangas were also produced:

  1. "First Chronicle" ran September 2011 to January 2012.
  2. "Zero" began March 2012 and is ongoing with multiple volumes.
  3. "Pair Love Stories" began April 2013.

Freezing (manga)Edit

Chapter 113Edit

In preparation for a bonding event with her Limiter, Satellizer el Bridget takes a shower.

Freezing (anime)Edit

Episode 2Edit

15 January 2011

Satellizer L. Bridget showers.

Episode 4Edit

29 January 2011

Ingrid Bernstein takes a shower.

Satellizer L. Bridget has a bath.

Episode 5Edit

5 February 2011

Rana Linchen is seen Skinny Dipping at the beginning of the episode and at the end of the episode Elizabeth Mably makes her first appearance skinny dipping in a Swimming Pool

Episode 6Edit

12 February 2011

Satellizer L. Bridget showering again.

Episode 7Edit

19 February 2011

Episode 8Edit

26 February 2011

Episode 10Edit

12 March 2011

Episode 11Edit

26 March 2011

Episode 12Edit

7 April 2011

Freezing SpecialsEdit

Episode 2Edit

27 April 2011

While Arnett McMillan does some Breast Grabbing to Satellizer while Creo Brand reaches down with her right hand to fondle Satellizer. Meanwhile Ingrid Bernstein watches from behind. Later, Satellizer embarassingly hides herself from Kazuya Aoi who is bathing adjacent to her.

Episode 4Edit

22 June 2011

Freezing VibrationEdit

Episode 1Edit

Opening CreditsEdit

episode 1 debuted 4 October 2013

Episode 2Edit

11 October 2013

Episode 3Edit

18 October 2013

Episode 4Edit

25 October 2013

Episode 5Edit

1 November 2013

Episode 7Edit

15 November 2013

Episode 8Edit

22 November 2013

Episode 9Edit

29 November 2013

Episode 10Edit

6 December 2013

Episode 11Edit

13 December 2013

Episode 12Edit

20 December 2013


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