Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (formerly known in English by names such as Battle of the Planets and G-Force) is a superhero anime franchise by Tatsunoko Production.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Episode 38

Aired June 17th, 1973

Episode 50

Aired September 9th, 1973

Ryu Nakanishi has a Shower scene.

Episode 86

Aired May 19th, 1974

Jinpei has an Off Screen Bath.

Episode 87

Aired May 26th, 1974

Maria Roberts has a Shower scene.

Gatchaman OVA

Episode 1

Joe Asakura has an Angsty Shower scene.

Gatchaman Crowds

Opening Credits

Many unnamed characters avatars on a cell phone ap are seen clothed in a Public Bath.

Episode 2

Hajime Ichinose comes to the apartment where the Gatchaman are going to live at and says that she is exhausted and was wondering if the place had a Bathtub so she can attempt to bathe but then gets involved with moving the luggage around the house instead.

Episode 9

Rui Ninomiya takes a Shower injured at the Gatchaman's apartment. Utsu-tsu comes in and heals his injuries while he is still showering.

Episode 10

There is a Clothed Bathing scene with Hajime Ichinose and Berg Katze's GALAX avatars.

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