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Genji Tsuushin Agedama
Kanji Title:ゲンジ通信あげだま
Romanji Title:Genji Tsūshin Agedama
Translated Title:Genji Tsuushin Agedama
Genre:Action, Comedy, Science-Fiction, Superhero
Original Creator:Sukehiro Tomita
anime series
Directed by:Masato Namiki
Written by:Sukehiro Tomita
Studio:Studio Gallop
Original Run:October 4th, 1991 – September 25th, 1992
# of Episodes:51

Genji Tsuushin Agedama (kanji ゲンジ通信あげだま meaning is a TV anime series by Studio Gallop. It was also made into a video game. It is sometimes abbreviated as just Agedama and has also been called Murasaki Shikibu Genji Monogatari meaning Story from Genji Agedama.

Franchise History

The anime produced by Studio Gallop was written by Sukehiro Tomita and directed by Masato Namiki. It debuted on TV Tokyo on October 4th, 1991 and ran for 51 episodes and ended on September 25th, 1992. In 1991 a side-scrolling action video game by NEC Home Electronics was released on the PC Engine.

Brief Plot Overview

Agedama Genji is a small boy going to elementary school and having the usual problems for a boy of his age while he is also secretly a superhero-in-training called "Agedaman". Along with Wapuro, his floating computer companion, he fights against a criminal organization that can turn humans into monsters of various types lead by Raizou Kuki and his granddaughter Rei Kuki who is also a fellow classmate of Agedama.

Bathing Scenes

1st Ending Credits

Aired October 4th, 1991

Rei Kuki takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub on a balcony while wearing a Towel on her head. In the Bath, she washes both her arms and then Bath Kicks to gently wash down her leg. She then crosses her legs and then blows some of the bubbles which is followed by the camera moving up high and away from the Bathtub.

Episode 11

Aired December 13th, 1991

A picture of one of Raizou Kuki's minions in a Towel is seen.

Episode 22

Aired March 6th, 1992

Agedama Genji takes a Bath at a Public Bath with many other unnamed male bathers present. Rei Kuki then comes into it in only a pink Towel and makes everyone bathing inside the bath house leave so she can bathe. All of the guys are forced to run out of the bath house into the streets naked which Ibuki Heike ends up seeing and runs away covering her eyes.

Episode 26

Aired April 3rd, 1992

Rei Kuki has Raizou Kuki's minions prepare her a Mandi Bunga for her in a Clawfoot Bathtub on the outside balcony. Everyone then gets called into the lab for a meeting but Raizou was absent and only talking to them through a radio. Rei then gets angery when she finds that he is taking a Bubble Bath in the bathtub that she was planning to take a Bath in. He has a pink Towel on his head and bathing in the same fashion she does in the shows ending credits, washing his arms and the doing a Bath Kick.

Later on in the episode, Ibuki Heike is seen taking a Bath. The episode ends with Rei in a bubble bath.

Episode 27

Aired April 10th, 1992

Rei Kuki takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub inside of the bathroom while wearing a pink Towel on her head and washing her arm with a Wash Cloth. The commotion from Raizou Kuki's machine shakes the ground which throws Rei under the bathwater and bounces the Bathtub up and down. After she rises back up from the bathwater, she runs over to the lab wearing only a pink towel to see what is going on.

Episode 29

Aired April 24th, 1992

Rei Kuki takes a Bubble Bath in the Clawfoot Bathtub at Agedama Genji's house.

Episode 31

Aired May 8th, 1992

Ibuki Heike comes into the bathroom in a pink Towel to bathe with her little brother.

Episode 33

Aired May 22nd, 1992

Raizou Kuki takes a Bath in a Kamaburo.

Episode 40

Aired July 10th, 1992

Rei Kuki and Raizou Kuki go to an Onsen and take Baths in the Hot Springs.

Episode 43

Aired July 31st, 1992

Rei Kuki bathes Off Screen and is seen in a blue Towel while drying her hair off with another towel.

Episode 48

Aired September 4th, 1992

Ibuki Heike bathes Off Screen and is seen at her desk wearing a pink Towel which she then drops on accident.


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