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Golgo 13 is an anime series about a sniper assassin for hire.

In this one episode, Golgo is working out at a gym doing alternating bicep curls (full ranged) with a pair of dumbbells. Then there is this creepy fellow staring at him as he does a partial-range rep with a single dumbbell.

After the scene shifts forward, Golgo is approached by the man as he gets out of the shower, and the man hands Golgo a towel.

There may have been bath or shower scenes in other episodes too.

Golgo 13 is the assassin code name used by the central character, as well. He also uses the pseudonym Duke Togo, which is where AnimeBaths will locate his character page.


Volume 3

Chapter 15

A lady named Nancy is seen getting out of the bath. She is then surprised by a spider-embroidered towel and faints.



The Professional

There is a scene where a female character is taken to meet someone in a room only to be locked in so that she can't escape. In censored version it ends there. In uncensored versions, she is forcibly stripped by an attacker, and she manages to bite off his tongue in self-defense. In spite of this, she is assaulted and cries. A later scene shows the girl naked in a shower, clearly traumatized from her ordeal, singing something to herself to put her mind off her attacker, who it transpires is also in the shower and who pulls her down to continue the abuse off camera.

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Queen Bee

In this film, Golgo takes a shower after having sex with Sonia (Queen Bee). During this time she looks through his possessions and finds out he was hired to kill her.

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