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Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster
Gurei Furubasutā
Gender Male
Series Fairy Tail
Taken 9 Baths (4 off screen)
Bathed In Hinoki Bathtub
Undermount Bathtub (off screen)
Oil Drum (off screen)
Bathed with Lyon Vastia
Erza Scarlet
Natsu Dragneel
Lucy Heartfilia
Wendy Marvell
Warrod Sequen
Jura Neekis
Freed Justine
Gajeel Redfox
Situations Flashback Bathing Scene
Bathtub Sharing
Arm Resting
Cold Bath
Off Screen Bathing
Mixed Bathing
Night Bathing
Guest Bathing
Accessories Used Towel

Gray Fullbuster is a character from Fairy Tail.

Bathing AccessibilityEdit

During his childhood training under Ur, he lived in at her log cabin in a snowy region which had Hinoki Bathtub inside and an Oil Drum outside. After joining the Fairy Tail guild, he has access to guild's Shower Room and later the newer building's Public Bath.

Bathing HabitsEdit

When he was living with Ur, he would take Baths with Lyon Vastia. When he moved on to join the Fairy Tail guild, he used to take baths with Erza Scarlet and Natsu Dragneel when they were all still young. Gray has a habit of accidentally Stripping his clothes off spontaneously and sometimes ends up Skinny Dipping when he does it while in water. Juvia Lockser who has an intense crush on Gray shows desires to watch him bathe.

Bathing ScenesEdit

Fairy Tail (manga)Edit

Chapter 37Edit

Fairy Tail ch 37

Flashback of Gray taking a bath with Lyon in Ur's hinoki tub.

Main article: Fairy Tail/Chapter 37

In a flashback of his childhood training under Ur, one of the panels during a montage of his training and home life together shows him taking a Bath in a Hinoki Bathtub while Arm Resting and Bathtub Sharing with Lyon Vastia.

Chapter 47Edit

Gray ends up taking an Off Screen Bath in the Undermount Bathtub in Lucy Heartfilia's apartment with Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet when staying the night because Erza forced them to bathe with her because they smelled like sweat.

Chapter 75Edit

Chapter 261Edit

Chapter 355Edit

Fairy Tail (anime)Edit

Episode 15Edit

He is shown bathing in a cold bath with Lyon Bastia in a training montage of their days training with Ur.

Episode 31Edit

Fairy Tail OVAEdit

Episode 4Edit

Episode 5Edit

Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice TrailEdit

Chapter 4Edit

Fairy GirlsEdit

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 13Edit



  • Both Gray and Lyon Vastia are the very first two male characters to have a Bath scene in any Hiro Mashima work.
  • Gray and Lyon are the only two characters in any Hiro Mashima work to be shown bathing in a Hinoki Bathtub.

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