Green Green was a visual novel series that ran from 2002 to 2004. During that time, in 2003 it was adapted into a TV anime series with 13 episodes. It mostly stars Yuusuke Takasaki with a harem structure.


Episode 2

"Tumble in the Open-Air Bath" or "You are Busted" aired 19 July 2003

Episode 6

16 Augus 2003

Midori remembers there is a Hot Spring nearby where they were sheltering from the rain. She takes off her bra and panties (the rest of her clothes were drying) and goes Skinny Dipping in it as Yusuke Takasaki walks away. He eventually relents to her nagging and joins her in bathing.

Episode 8

30 August 2003

Titled "Morning Bath Free-for-all", it opens after showing a girls sweating in bed, with Reika reflecting to herself while soaking, her chest visible.

Episode 11

20 September 2003

Omake 2

"Futaba & Chigusa" 17 December 2003

Omake 3

"Midori & Reika" (presented in reverse order for Media Blasters' release - this episode is on disc 1.) released 21 January 2004

Episode 13

"Erolutions" released 28 May 2005

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