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Hagure Yuushu no Estetica (novel)Edit

Volume 2Edit

Volume 5Edit

Volume 6Edit

Volume 7Edit

Volume 8Edit

Volume 10Edit

Hagure Yuushu no Estetica (anime)Edit

Episode 2Edit

13 July 2012

Episode 3Edit

20 July 2012

Myuu Ousawa has an Off Screen Shower which you can hear her turning off right at the beginning of the episode.

Episode 4Edit

27 July 2012

Episode 5Edit

3 August 2012

Near the end of the episode, Myuu Ousawa has an Off Screen Bath where she is seen leaving the bathroom wearing a pink Towel and a blue on her head. She drops her towel and puts on her new underwear and pajamas.

Episode 6Edit

10 August 2012

Akatsuki Ousawa takes a Bath and hears the door bell ring which Myuu Ousawa answers.

Episode 7Edit

17 August 2012

Episode 8Edit

24 August 2012

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica SpecialsEdit

Episode 4Edit

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