The doujin group Haikuo or ハイクオ began in 2001, and renamed themselves Haikuo Soft or ハイクオソフト in 2004. It is a Japanese company that develops visual novel video games. Other alias they go by include:

  • Hi-Quality Soft
  • High Quality Soft
  • Hiquo Soft
  • Hiqo Soft
  • Hiqo-Soft
  • HiqoSoft


date needed

The brown-haired Nono Nekomiya (from their 2005 game Yotsunoha) is shown Rim Sitting on the edge of (and with her feet in) the white tub where the pink-haired Nanako Sakura (from their 2008 game Sakura Sakura) is taking a Bubble Bath with a Rubber Duck.

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