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Ichigo Mashimaro translates to Strawberry Marshmallow and is a manga series that began in 2002 and has at least 6 volumes so far. A 12 episode TV series was made in 2005. 3 OVAs came out in 2007 and then another 2 in 2009. Audio CDs and a visual novel were released within a month of the anime's start.


Chapter 17


Nobue Itou takes a shower.

Unknown Chapter


Episode 1

Nobue Itou takes a Shower.

Episode 5

Episode 11

6 October 2005

Nobue Itou tries to take a Bath but when she dipped her foot into the bathwater it ended up being a Cold Bath because the gas was out. They all decided to go the Public Bath instead.

Ichigo Mashimaro OVA

Episode 1

Nobue Itou takes a bath.

Episode 3


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