English Title:Idol Project
Kanji Title:アイドルプロジェクト
Romanji Title:Aidoru Purojekuto
Genre:Comedy, Ecchi
anime series
Directed by:Yasuchika Nagaoka
Studio:Studio OX
Original Run:Sep 22, 1995
# of Episodes:4

Idol Project is an anime only franchise that is a four episode OVA.

Episode 3

Corvette Hiyards is shown Skinny Dipping in a lake and then taking a Bubble Bath and a Shower at the same time. She was apparently doing some sort of bath commercial due to the fact that there was a crowd with camera's shooting and it was a set. Her bath was crashed into by Mimu who was using a jetpack which pushed the bath high into the sky. Mimu was then shown with her face in between Corvette's breasts and tried to escape the bath but Corvette kept holding onto her until Mimu used the jetpack again to escape.

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