This series is currently running and will possibly be having more content in the future.

PriPara (pronounced プリパラ as "Puripara") is short for Prism Paradise. This franchise began with an arcade game which debuted 10 July 2014. It had a manga and anime adaptation which debuted the same month.

PriPara (anime)

Season 1

Episodes 1 to 38

Episode 11

Laala Manaka takes a Bath in a Unit Bathtub with a Rubber Duck.

Aired September 13th, 2014

Episode 23

Aired December 6th, 2014

Dorothy West and Leona West take a Bath together in a Barrel Bathtub with a Rubber Duck.

Season 2

Episodes 39 to 89

Episode 78

Aired January 11th, 2016

Gloria Ookanda has a Steam Bath.

Season 3

Episodes 90+

Episode 97

"Super Miracle Delicious Peach" debuted 24 May 2016
Jululu takes a bath with a rubber duck and various other bath toys.

Episode 103

"I've Become a Failed Idol" debuted 5 July 2016

Laala with Towel on Head plays with a dolphin toy while sharing the tub with Jululu and a rubber duck as Non has a Furo session.

Episode 127

Episode 140

Idol Time PriPara

Episode 23

There is a Barrel Bathtub scene.

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