English Title:Isshoni Training
Alternate Title:Hinako Educational Series
Original Creator:Muneshige Nakagawa
Training with Hinako
Film Type:single episode OVA
Directed by:Iku Suzuki
Studio:Studio Hibari
Release Date:April 24th, 2009
Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko
Film Type:single episode OVA
Directed by:Shinichiro Kimura
Studio:Studio Hibari
Release Date:December 24th, 2010

Isshoni Training also known as the Hinako Educational Series is a collection of OVAs starring Hinako which instruct users to perform basic self care activities. The first was Training With Hinako in which Hinako first showers and then teaches an aerobics routine. The second was Sleeping With Hinako where Hinako is seen falling asleep. The third is Bathtime With Hinako & Hiyoko where Hinako is joined by her friend Hiyoko, and they bathe together.

Training with Hinako

Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko


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Isshoni Training
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