This character is still relevant to a currently running series and can possibly be having more bathing related scenes in the future.
Gender Female
Series Pokemon
Taken atleast 2 baths
Bathed In Crystal Onix
Hot Spring
Bathed with James

Musashi is a character from Pokemon. Her name ムサシ is changed to Jessie in the English dub, indicated by James in the 1998 dub of episode 16 (ポケモンひょうりゅうき aka "Pokémon Shipwreck" debuted 1997) to be short for Jessica.



Episode 190

In "Spring Fever" Jessie feet are shown when she and Mewoth believed they have hit oil, In which she fantasies about bathing in a clam-shape bathtub.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Episode 63

January 2008

ウリムートリオと湯けむりバトル!! (The Swinub Trio and the Hot Spring Battle!) or "Hot Springing a Leak"

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