Jewelpet (or Jewel Pet) is a character and toy line series that began in 2008. It has produced 3 complete 52-episode anime seasons and has 3 active ongoing mangas, as well as a film and light novel.

It received its first season of anime adaptations in 2009, beginning April 5 and ending March 28 2010 with 52 episodes.

During this time, December 25, a manga adaptation was produced in Ladybug Comics Special, which is still ongoing. A brief single-volume adaptation in Ciao Magazine also ran February-September 2010.

Additional series were also produced. Twinkle☆ also had 52 episodes and ran April 3 2010 to April 2 2011. Ladybug also began a manga adaptation of this July 7, 2010 which is also still ongoing.

The third anime series, Sunshine, also amassed 52 episodes, running April 9 2011 to March 31 2012.

The fourth anime series, Kira☆Deco!, has at least 45 episodes and began April 7, 2012.

A light novel series called "The Fuss in the Jewel Festival!?" began May 15.

Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess was produced August 11, 2012.

Jewelpet (anime)

Episode 14

Listed here as having aired July 5th 2009

In this episode, Garnet, a pink cat, takes a shower.

Jewelpet: Magical Change

Episode 15

Episode 27

Airi Kirara goes Towel Bathing in a Bathtub Car.

Episode 35

There is an Off Screen Bath and a Barrel Bathtub scene.

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