Juan Gotoh (aka ゴトウジュアン or 千堂屋) is a manga artist and writer who is part of the doujin circle Sendouya. His earliest work was Yankee Gaiden in 1987 and he was still making manga as of 2013.

Visual workshop

initial bath images were published in 2001, non-bathing images added in 2002 and 2004. Some fans refer to this as 'sister love' but the title Juan uses is 'Juan Gotoh Visual Workshop'

This dialogue-less series of images opened up with a male and female who get soaked in the rain. Initially the boy takes a Tub Bath alone and then there is a Mixed Bathing session via Furo where Slipping occurs and a Bucket falls on the guy's head, causing the girl to erupt in laughter at the accident.

Volumes and stories


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