Jungle de Ikou! (ジャングルDEいこう! Janguru de Ikō!, lit. Let's go to the jungle!) is an anime directed by Yuji Moriyama in 1997. It was licensed in the U.S by Media Blasters and released on DVD and VHS in 2001.


Natsumi Rokudo's dad Yoshihiko (or he may be called Fuyuhiko Rokudou, he seems to introduce himself by this in OVA 3) begins to suggest they take a bath together, but she cuts him off and goes to bathe alone. Her mother says she's growing up and Natsumi mutters about it while in the bath. While in the bath, a statue is on the shelf by her shampoo that becomes important later on.


Natsumi is shown after an Offscreen bath (she bathes before getting into her pajamas for bed) using a Blow Drier to dry her hair.

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