K-On! is a manga series that began in 2007 and is still ongoing. It is about girls who form a light music club and perform as a band.

In 2009 (April-June) there was a 13-episode anime adaptation of the same name.

In January 2010 there was an OVA called "Live House!".

A 2nd season (sequel) to the anime aired April-September 2010, this time accumulating 26 episodes. It's title was slightly different, indicated by an added exclamation mark.

A March 2011 OVA called "Plan!!" also aired. Then there was an anime film in December 2011.

K-ON! (manga)

Chapter 5

part of volume 1, which was compiled 26 April 2008

There is an Onsen scene.

This section lacks pictures of 1 or more scenes and needs images.

K-ON! (anime)

Episode 4

24 April 2009

In "Training Camp" there is a Bath scene 19m40s in.

Episode 10

29 May 2009

Unknown s1 episode

Ura-on! special 2

19 August 2009

In the second portion (50 second mark) of episode 2's "Ricchan's Kodak Moments series" (hosted by Ritsu Akagi) 3 girls (Yui, Mugi and Mio) step on a Bathroom Scale to weigh themselves.

Yui seems to be okay with her result, Tsumugi seems sad about hers. Mio is initially annoyed, but cheats and adjusts the scale to read a lower weight as her result. Ritsu catches her in the act and calls her a cheater, causing Mio to assault Ritsu until she promises to delete the photographic evidence.

Episode 14

January 2010 "Live House" released as a later OVA after the TV series

6m25s while the Hirasawa house is shown with lights on in the second floor, Yui's little sister Ui Hirasawa announces that she will take the first bath. Yui acknowledges this and continues to clean her guitar.


Episode 3

20 April 2010

Following the scene of Azusa and Yui talking on the street, Sawako Yamanaka has a brief scene where she is seen with Towel on Head after Off Screen Bathing, rubbing lotion into her cheeks, with her glasses off, sitting on the counter Earlier on in the episode, Ritsu Tainaka had noticed in the hallway that the teacher was beaming, and attributed her new healthy look to her being the center of attention as their new homeroom teacher. This led to subsequent discussion of her glowing complexion, and compliments about her skin. While rubbing the lotion in she exclaims "now I'll be sparkling!" in reference to these events.

Episode 4

27 April 2010

During "Field Trip" after the girls (except Azusa, who didn't come on the field trip since she isn't in their grade) change into jumpsuits, after Ritsu and Yui are unable to eat much of dinner (receiving complaints from classmates adjacent to them) Mio Akiyama is seen from afar sitting in a Furo scene. Tsumugi Kotobuki is seen beside her in a close-up soon after, and compliments Mio on her hair, receiving compliments in return. As the shot pans out, Ritsu Tainaka and Yui Hirasawa are seen sharing a tub in the same room. Overhearing the hair conversation, Ritsu comments about possibly growing her hair longer, and Yui does some Bubble Blowing, sinking her head under the water to muffle a laugh about a "bang monster!". Tsumugi and Mio awkwardly overhear them bicker in the tub as they continue to sit on their stools. Afterward, Ritsu enjoys a Post-Bathing Milk Drink while Yui uses a Hair Dryer.

Episode 5

4 May 2010

During events that happen concurrently with episode 5 with the younger students left behind, Asuka is helping out some new guitar students in the jazz club by showing them finger stretches. While Ui has no problem with them (she practises with her sister Yui) the new students (along with Asuka's friend) are getting cramps. Yui recommends that they practice the stretches while taking a bath.

Episode 7

18 May 2010

At 17 minutes during Mio Akiyama's fan club party, when the floor is opened to questions for her, she is first asked where she washes first when in the bath. Her (cleverly evasive) answer: the Showerhead.

Episode 9

1 June 2010

Yui and Azusa compete in a festival to try and win a Hot Spring trip for Yui's elderly neighbour, but they only get 2nd place and fail to do so.

Episode 10

8 June 2010

Yui is practicing her guitar and her sister Ui asks if she's had her bath yet. Yui says no, but that she will have one later, so she presumably does Off Screen Bathing during the cutaway.

Episode 12

22 June 2010

The teacher Sawako Yamanaka and possibly some of the other girls do Off Screen Bathing here, as she is rubbing her face with a towel after the rainstorm and Yui Hirasawa comments that even bathing can be done at the music festival.

Episode 13

29 June 2010

A tanned Azusa Nakano with Towel on Head has a Furo session

K-ON! Movie

3 December 2011

Yui Hirasawa takes an Off Screen Bath in a hotel in London.

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