Kagami Hiiragi
Gender Female
Series Lucky Star
Taken 1 bath
Bathed In Public Bath
Bathed with Tsukasa Hiiragi
Konata Izumi
Miyuki Takara
Yui Narumi
Nanako Kuroi
Accessories Used Towel

Kagami Hiiragi is a character from Lucky Star. She has purple hair that is longer than her younger twin sister Tsukasa Hiiragi, which she usually ties into pigtails with brown ribbons.

Lucky Star (anime)

Episode 6

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Lucky Star
Bathers Konata IzumiTsukasa HiiragiKagami HiiragiMiyuki TakaraYui NarumiNanako Kuroi
Anime Episodes 6
Scene Years 2007
Appearing Content
Bathing Types ShowerFuroBath
Scenarios Clothed BathingBath BondingTowel on HeadArm Washing
Bathtubs Public BathBathing Pool
Accessories SwimsuitShampooTowelSoap

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