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Karen Minamino
Gender Female
Series Agent Aika
Taken 1 Bath
Bathed In Unit Bathtub
Bathed with Aika Sumeragi
Eri Shinkai
Situations Bath Bonding
Back Washing
Leg Curling
Accessories Used Mirror
Rubber Duck

Karen Minamino is a character from the Agent Aika series.

Bathing Accessibility

She has an Ofuro that is colored gold with a Unit Bathtub. She own a green Sponge and a Rubber Duck.

Bathing Habits

She seems to not last long in the Bath and Overheats.

Bathing Scenes

Aika Zero

Episode 1

Main article: Aika Zero/Episode 1

Karen has a Furo session at her houses bathroom with Aika Sumeragi and Eri Shinkai as they discuss their mission. During the time, Karen is seen outside of the bathtub scrubbing Aika's back with a green Sponge while they look into the Mirror and listen to Eri who is in the bathtub.

Episode 2

Main article: Aika Zero/Episode 2

During another meeting in her bathroom, Karen is seen in the bathtub curling her legs with Aika Sumeragi. As Eri Shinkai and Aika get a devious look and start laughing as they talk about the machine gun Aika got in her plane, Karen calmly looks away as a Rubber Duck in the tub floats by. Karen remains in the bathtub the whole time as Aika and Eri switch places and eventually Overheats and then attempts to gain consciousness again as Eri stands up next to her while in the bath.

  • Karen has the least amount of dialogue out of all the other characters in her bathing scenes.
  • Karen is the only character in the franchise to not have her nipples visible during a bathing scene.

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