Misty / Kasumi
Gender Female
Series Pokemon
Bathed In Hot Spring
Bathed with Ash Ketchum
Accessories Used Swimsuit

Kasumi (with カスミ renamed Misty in English ports) is a character from the Pokemon franchise. Her full name is revealed to be Kasumi Yawa July 2000 in the 3rd film "Spell of the Unown".

Pokemon (anime)

Episode 14

She apparently takes a Bubble Bath off screen because when they make it to Vermillion City she says that she can't wait to take a bubble bath and she is clean in the next scene.

Episode 31

Misty is seen bathing in a Hot Spring while wearing a Swimsuit with Brock and Ash.

Episode 58

She bathes in a Hot Spring in episode 58 which ends in the wall separating the boys and girls comes down and Ash and Brock see Misty.

Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Chapter 6

She has a bath in a hot spring where she is peeped on by Ash and Brock.


  • This scene was taken out of all of the North American releases.

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