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Kozue Kaoru
薫 梢
Gender Female
Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Taken 1 Bath
Bathed In Slipper Bathtub
Bathed with Miki Kaoru
Situations Mixed Bathing
Bath Bonding
Bathtub Sharing
Accessories Used Rubber Duck
Green Bathwater
Razor Blade
Shower Curtain

Kozue Kaoru is a character from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Adolescence of UtenaEdit

She is shown having a Bath in a Slipper Bathtub that has a Rubber Duck in it with her brother Miki Kaoru where she is helping trim his eyebrows in front of a Mirror. She then rips off the Shower Curtain and pulls Miki up close to her and holds the razor blade to his throat.

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